Update February 20,2010: To Date, Over 20,000 Patients Treated By Medical Teams Working with QCRC

Quisqueya Crisis Relief Center is pleased to announce the treatment of over 20, 000 people by medical teams working with them.

These teams have come from all over the world, namely, the United States, Germany, Aruba, Canada, and South Korea, to name a few countries. Every morning and evening, the air is filled with English, Spanish, German, Korean, and Dutch, as well as the national languages (Kreyol and French). 

 Loading Up For CDTI-Damaged, But Operational
QCRC helps these teams treat every issue imaginable (from headaches to life-threatening bone fractures) by providing food, lodging, and transportation. We also work with the local hospitals (remember, over 80% of all medical institutions have been damaged or destroyed) to make sure that personnel are working in the most needed areas, including mobile clinics in remote areas of Haiti.

Ted  Coordinates Transportation to Hopital Adventiste (Diquini)

Even with all of the teams that we have received, the need is still enormous. We will need medical teams for the next 9 months AT LEAST. Haiti will now face the 2nd wave of this disaster, which will be a severe rise in infectious diseases. Without proper care, many people who survived the initial trauma of the quake will die from illnesses that are totally treatable.

Grim Reality-Port-au-Prince, 1 Month Later

Refugees Hoping for a Canadian Visa

Preventive, primary and emergency care is our main focus as we keep the local hospitals and clinics from being totally overwhelmed. This can be done. We can help by providing tetanus shots, treatments for malaria, typhoid, other infectious diseases, and so much more. Please join us as we stand in the gap for Haiti.

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