New Generator Delivered To Hopital Canape-Vert

QCRC facilitated the delivery of a 175kW diesel generator to Canape-Vert Hospital on February 18, 2010, at 11:00 am local time.

The generator was provided by USAID, delivered by members of the United States Army, and will be installed by Valerio Canez, a local company.

The unit was received by Wilio Louis, who is in charge of maintenance at Canape-Vert, and will replace a 275kW generator which was out of order for quite some time.

This will allow the hospital to perform life-saving operations and continue to treat the local population. The surrounding area is severely damaged and the largest school (Ecole Canape-Vert) is completely destroyed.

 175kW generator

Backing into Hopital Canape-Vert

Setting it in place

Inside the generator

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