Thursday, February 11 Update

Yesterday two doctors and several nurses set up a mini-clinic to serve the Haitians living on our campus whose homes were destroyed. With so many children, it is especially important to see to their medical needs.

This doctor made sure to explain to his patient's father how to administer her medicine.  Since donated medicines' labels are largely in English, it is important for doctors to take the time to clearly communicate the plan for treatment.

This little patient was happy to receive some love and attention in addition to her medical checkup!
 Doctors report seeing fewer earthquake-related injuries among this group and more general sicknesses, such as ear infections.
Children from the families of Quisqueya staff members wait in line to see doctors at yesterday's mini-clinic on Quisqueya campus. We were happy to see that two children with special medical needs are both doing well: 5-year-old Quincy, who suffered a broken femur in the quake, and two-week-old Thalina, who was born on our campus.
At our nightly meeting for each medical team's leaders, we fill out this transportation needs whiteboard to organize which groups need to travel to each hospital, and at what time, the following day.

Today, we have 10 medical teams staying on campus, with a total of 149 medical personnel our serving at various hospitals around Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas each day.
A cheerful sight on campus yesterday was seeing dozens of pink scrubs hanging on the laundry line. A group of doctors associated with Catholic Relief Services and the University of Maryland wears their characteristic pink scrubs as a team each day.

The Haitian government has declared Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to be National Days of Prayer as we approach the one-month anniversary of the devastating earthquake. Please join us in prayer for the healing and rebuilding of the nation of Haiti and all its people.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear Thalina is doing well. Please give her mother my best and let her know I am praying for her each day!
Robyn (The RN who delivered that sweet little gift of life)

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