Saturday, February 13 Update

Today's update includes a special feature on the German doctors of Humedica, a medical crisis relief non-profit. The first Humedica rapid-response medical team arrived in Haiti within just a few days of the quake and were among the first medical personnel in the area. Several teams of Humedica doctors have rotated through our camp here at Quisqueya, and they have arranged for more teams to arrive. This rotational system creates a continuity of care that greatly benefits patients.
The Humedica doctors are currently operating out of Hope Hospital, known locally as Hopital Espoir. This hospital, located in the same neighborhood as Quisqueya, was swamped in the days following the quake. It sustained very little damage and medical care is operating both inside the facility and outside in tents.
The supply room at Hopital Espoir. As new Humedica teams rotate into Haiti, they bring life-saving supplies like these.
A pediatric nurse with Humedica changes the bandage on a little boy who is healing from a lower-leg fracture. A makeshift traction system was created out of bandages and a brick.
Humedica's head nurse distributes medicines near a large ceiling crack. A German engineer evaluated the building as secure for patients and staff to use, but surface cracks do appear in a few walls.
Francesca and her mother rest in a corner at Hopital Espoir. Francesca's mother is recovering from an ankle injury and is learning how to get around on donated crutches. One urgent need in Haiti is for physical and occupational therapists, as thousands of new amputees are adjusting to life after their surgeries.
A woman, nine months pregnant, paces the hallways as she approaches delivery. Fortunately, an OB-GYN was present to assist with her labor and make sure mother and baby will be healthy. Haiti has one of the world's highest rates of infant mortality.
Baby Christie sleeps in the Pediatric Ward at Hopital Espoir. Christie is a twin. She and her sister, Christelle, were born ten days before the devastating earthquake and suffer from malnutrition. Tragically, their mother died in childbirth. Christie and Christelle are being cared for by Humedica doctors at Espoir.
Little Jedna is cared for by a Humedica pediatric nurse named Saskia. Jedna's mother and father were both killed in the earthquake. Jedna is now in the care of Hope Orphanage, a home for children that is associated with Hope Hospital. The orphanage staff brought her in immediately after the quake, and she is receiving treatment for pneumonia and a case of scabies.
Humedica pediatric nurse Saskia feeds Christie, a Haitian infant delivered just 10 days before the quake who is suffering from malnutrition.
Humedica medical supplies await distribution to patients. We are so grateful for Humedica's doctors for serving alongside Quisqueya!

In other news from the Quisqueya Crisis Relief Center, we are running at full capacity.
Staff members Els and Kynada pour over medical mission team details to decide how best to arrange all the groups in our sleeping quarters.
Nutritious baby food arrives to feed local infants and keep malnourishment at bay.
A medical team from the Red Cross of Aruba proudly marks the entrance to their sleeping quarters.

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